Tony Canderton-Alien 450Amp 16S Jet ESC

If you are thinking about building an electric paramotor. Please don’t waste your time money and effort at hobby king there  products don’t do what they say they can do build quality is poor. come and chat with Bruno the advice is excellentThe products are to a high quality standard there are a lot of […]

Rob Physick-Alien 250A 2-8S Boat ESC BEC-Mono2 RC Boat

Hi Bruno, I tried this controller in my Mono 2 and programmed it to your recommendations. I am now up there with the fastest mono 2 boats in the UK. Rob Physick

Rob Physick-Alien 300A 3-16S Boat ESC HV Twin

Hi Bruno, Many thanks for the help and advise this year. I fitted the above controller(as recommended by yourself) to my 42″ twin motor Supercat. The controller stayed cool….no problems at all….It helped to power me to become British Champion. Next years project is already started…. It will definitely be powered by Alien controller and […]

Kelvin Scott-Alien 450Amp 24S Ebike ESC

I bought a 450 amps sensored esc from this seller and it worked perfectly for my ebike project and i never had issues with it,i’m so happy . Kelvin Scott.

Georg Seema-80100 motor and 250Amp 8S Car ESC-Outboard project

Hi, My parcel has arrived!!! 😀 Thanks for great service. It would be awesome if other sites would have same good customer service as you. +5 stars. I will send you a video when I get my outboard done. (I’m waiting for shaft coupler and twist throttle from China and they should be here soon). […]

Mick Winder-Alien 300Amp 22S Jet ESC

Hi Bruno, Your ESC I recently bought from you has performed great. It’s nice to get something out of a box that works. The ESC runs cool to the point it’s only just over the ambient temperature of the day……..a great product! Once again thank you for your help in getting it to me with […]