Michael Davis-150Amp 12S E-board ESC (transmitter advice)

Your great Bruno, I understand. The support you have provided has been out of this world. All this stuff we do is prototype so its hard to have a standardized system
Testing wasn’t going well, got thrown off for no reason but lucky to have full gear on. The risk of prototypes! Lol
Anyway, I told you my controller wouldn’t start the motors right away, so I suspected the cheap Hobbyking 19 dollar controller. It always started rough and braked rough with your esc. I tried everything, every setting, but after going to the local rc hobby store, I bought a spektrum DX2E, trimmed the throttle and changed every characteristic of your esc combined with my set up. More throttle range, braking is totally different and smoother. The Hobbyking-GT2 that most use on these boards is total junk! These boards are only as good as the controller/receiver (potentiometer) is. Dead bands in the controllers potentiometer create dangerous malfunctions at high speeds.
I’m really impressed with your esc, the instamorph (moldable plastic) works great and hasn’t even gotten soft from esc heat.
I’ve been 26 mph so far on 10s with the hk controller. Now that I’m more comfortable with my new controller I will test the speed to a higher limit. I’ll make new adjustments to the esc since all has changed now. Oh yeah, climbs hills better than ever…no cogging and very powerful, just about pulls a wheelie. Thanks man!
Talk to you soon, Mike