Alien 420A 4-24S Boat-48 mosfet ESC HV

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This ESC is a monster.

It has 6 mega capacitors of 100v, 330mf, 8mm connectors direct soldered on the PCB, battery spark suppression wire, double water plate cooling system, powerful Mosfet, USB link to program it.

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

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  • Size: 165 x 55 x 35 (mm) – Weight: 650g
  • Battery voltage from 4S to 24S
  • BEC: NO
  • Easy set function value by Pro-Box or by PC via USB link provided
  • Two-way communication while connecting it to computer
  • Firmware can be updated by USER
  • LVC
  • Timing settings adjustable (0°- 30°) degree to suit the motor type
  • 3 types of throttle curve
  • 3 types of acceleration control
  • Motor rotation programmable
  • Auto cut off power within 3 seconds in the case of signal loss.



Type: Ni-XX、Li-XX
Cell count: Auto or manual
LVC mode: Slow cut off/Hard cut off


Throttle acceleration: Extra soft/Soft/Medium/Hard/Extra hard
Throttle Curve: Logarithmica, linear, exponential
Forwad/ Revervse Points: Auto or manual
Set Ini/End Points: Auto or manual


Motor Timing Degrees:  (0% – °30%)
PWM: 8 – 16 – 32
Timing monitor: ON/OFF
Motor check: ON-OFF
Motor Rotation Direction: Clockwise/Anticlockwise


ABS Braking (car only): off -100%
PROP Braking (airplane-heli only): off -100%
Delay Time:  0.25 – 5 seconds (car and Boat only)


Power Limit (Car/Boat): ON/OFF (%)
Reverse (car/Boat): ON/OFF
Start Power: Auto – 100%


Mode -HELI: Contant RPM/Normal RPM
Motor Pole set up: 2-4, 6-10, 12-14 (heli only)

If you require any customization, such as a different current, power, different application, specific parts (capacitors, mosfet etc.) then please ask and we will do our best to try and provide these

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