Tim Machefe-Alien 420Amp 24S Car ESC

Hello Brunot i ran a few test this weekend and im glad to inform you that the esc has insane amount of power.
I ran my 800kv motor on 12s and i litterally shredded my tires the 23lbs buggy litterally flipped in wheelies like crazy.
I love it! at first it took me a little while to program the esc because i had it on car 24s uv but the motor was sttudering
so i tried the car 16s setting and then the car stopped studdering.
Now it is running like i wanted
Thanks Brunot i probably be ordering another esc for my helicopter soon
send me a money request for whatever i owe you
Thanks again

Michael Davis-150Amp 12S E-board ESC (transmitter advice)

Your great Bruno, I understand. The support you have provided has been out of this world. All this stuff we do is prototype so its hard to have a standardized system
Testing wasn’t going well, got thrown off for no reason but lucky to have full gear on. The risk of prototypes! Lol
Anyway, I told you my controller wouldn’t start the motors right away, so I suspected the cheap Hobbyking 19 dollar controller. It always started rough and braked rough with your esc. I tried everything, every setting, but after going to the local rc hobby store, I bought a spektrum DX2E, trimmed the throttle and changed every characteristic of your esc combined with my set up. More throttle range, braking is totally different and smoother. The Hobbyking-GT2 that most use on these boards is total junk! These boards are only as good as the controller/receiver (potentiometer) is. Dead bands in the controllers potentiometer create dangerous malfunctions at high speeds.
I’m really impressed with your esc, the instamorph (moldable plastic) works great and hasn’t even gotten soft from esc heat.
I’ve been 26 mph so far on 10s with the hk controller. Now that I’m more comfortable with my new controller I will test the speed to a higher limit. I’ll make new adjustments to the esc since all has changed now. Oh yeah, climbs hills better than ever…no cogging and very powerful, just about pulls a wheelie. Thanks man!
Talk to you soon, Mike

Stewart Duncan-Alien 200A 16S Air

Hi Bruno
Well I got the transmitter you suggested and the 200A ESC is working great. Not tried the 120A, wait for the next build to do that.
What I have done though is to damage a cell in the 6S battery. Silly me did not notice it was to close to a screw, that I had not cropped and the friction wore through the outer shell. I covered the area with fiberglass resin to protect it but the cell does discharge faster than the rest. Is it possible to replace one cell?
Thanks for all your help.
Best regards

Brad Altman-Advice on no Alien ESC

I would personally like to thank you for all your advice and time in helping me figure out an ESC problem. I’m an avid reader of the forums and have come across your name quite often for expert advice and unselfish responses to questions. I have found everything in regards to people praising you for your help to be spot on true! Thank you again ~ you’re somewhat of a Savior in this craziness.

My Best,

Jon Smith-Alien 350A 16s Car ESC 1-5 scale

Thanks for sending on the no spark resistors, installed and all is working correctly.

The ESC and 425kv neu can work very well, no cogging, smooth power delivery and good operating temperatures (still undergoing testing). The only small issue is that if the braking profile. I have set the brake force to 40%, however I find that they ‘grab’ on initial trigger input, more noticeable when braking from speed.
Is there anything I can do about this or is it just something to live with?
Look forward to hearing from you


Jesse Fairbairn-APS 150Amp 6.4Kw twin motors E-board DIY kit

I replaced switch with a different switch, it works now! Wow.. what a fucking awesome piece of machinery! haha

Just want to say thanks again for all of the help and support you have given me over the last year. I have learned ALOT, and now have an awesome new toy!


Craig Leong-Alien 300Amp 22S sensored ESC-12090 Sensored

Hi Bruno

I would like to thank you by buy giving you this testimonial.

I work in the film industry and we normally need to resource items quickly with a lot of technical support and backup. Alien Power Systems did just that for me. They went out of their way to deliver the items I ordered from them just before they shutdown for a holiday. Bruno went in to the warehouse the evening they shutdown for holidays to personally package and arrange a courier to pick up and deliver the goods.
Even on holiday I got 100% support from them via email when I had a few problems setting up my systems.
Many thanks to Alien Power Systems for their help and service.

Craig Leong

Maxime Lebrun-Alien 450Amp 24S ESC-12090 130KV

I got the Kart working!! wooohoo!!!
I have placed the all sensorsat the new spots, and now everything works like a charm, this thing is a BEAST!!!
At the moment the kart is geared towards spinting (slow but high torque) and it drives around 40-45mph with scary acceleration! 10S
Many thanks…

Fabian Hornaus-Alien 120Amp 4Kw Kit

I bought the 120A Twin ESC and 2x 50mm motors. The components are working perfectly with my electric longboard. Thank you Bruno for all your help. Great products, great support, what more to ask for?

Massimiliano Scagnetti-Alien 180Amp 7S Boat ESC

Sto usando alcuni di questi regolatori, ed apparte l’ottima qualita elettronica, ho rilevato dei guadagni prestazionali sulle massime velocita anche del 15% in piu!! su diverse barche e con piu’ telemetrie di controllo, rispetto ad altri ESC di nota fattura.
Che dire…ormai sono fedele ad Alien!! e tra poco ne acquisto un’altro bello grosso per il mio mono da 1mt.

GRAZIE BRUNO! cordiale e gentile come sempre.