Alien gearless Brushless HUB motor for E-CAR

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2x 3KW motors CAR conversion kit complete of:

2x 3000W 72V HUB motors, 100KPH, IP45, single axle mounting style, 180 NMmax trorque (for both motors), 12KW peak power (for both motors), 91% efficiency

1x 72V 150A controller, max phases current 350A, standard functions Throttle, Electric Lock, Brake for high level, Regenerative braking plus custom options available

1x hall effect pedal throttle

2x disk brakes

1x electronic speedometer

The kit can be upgraded for the 6kw motors or 8kv motors. Both will have more current and voltage power input and speed will be 120KPH and 145 KPH. Please email for info

I can supply different motors, with custom power and KV.

If you need the transmission kit (timing belt, timing pulley, chain, etc) or keyway on the motor shaft or on the gears please feel free to send me a message. I will be happy to do.

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Weight 11.000 kg

40mm, 45mm, 50mm