APS 4260S Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 300KV 1600W

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Brand new Brushless Outrunner motor 42mm size, sensored, 1600W, 300KV. This is a very good quality motor. New version with better quality bearings.
The new Alien motors are customized products.

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  • MODEL: APS 4060S
  • KV: 300
  • MAX POWER: 1600W
  • TORQUE: 2.0 NM
  • MAX AMP: 65A
  • MAX VOLT: 6S (25.2V)
  • SIZE mm: 42 x 60 ( without shaft )
  • WEIGHT (g): 0,245
  • SHAFT: 6mm with 3mm keyway
  • Accessory pack: NO
  • Internal PCB with 120 degree hall effect sensors

We can supply different motors, with custom power and KV.

If you need the transmission kit (timing belt, timing pulley, chain, etc) or keyway on the motor shaft or on the gears please feel free to send us a message. We will be happy to do help.

PLEASE NOTE: Alien Electronics LTD adopts a continuous development program which sometimes necessitates specification changes without notice. Pictures of products and information in the instructions manual are for reference only and can be changed without notice at any time. Colors of goods are subject to stock availability

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Weight 0.245 kg